Countdown to Fall decorating.

Pumpkins, pumpkins are still here but they are going fast!

Why not let us help YOU with your fall display and family Pumpkin Carving Night!

Straw bales $4.50
Corn stalk displays $4.00 (10-12 stalks per bundle) $4.00

Our pumpkins are grown right here – locally – in our fields and they are ready for your display or carving!

Prices on the pumpkins are $2 for the miniatures to $8 for a large Pumpkin! In-between we have $4 and $6 ones too! Don’t leave empty-handed.

Come pick yours out today!



About Hughey Farms

Growers of strawberries, peaches and cows in the Upstate; Sellers of all kinds of local produce
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